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World's First Supercharged Minerals

Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Minerals You Do NOT EAT, plus ormus,
for the piezo-electric effect we ALL benefit from, with all points testing strong

Temporarily Strengthens Every Energy Meridian In Any Mammal
World's first provable supercharging technology, for everyone!

QVials, plus 11 brain frequencies embedded into the minerals = BrainLifters
No medical claims, only that each brain point is guaranteed to test stronger.
Using any of the most common tests, including BDORT, CRA, QRA, even kinesiology,
and every single time, you get a money-back guarantee: Brain will test strong. Always!
No maintenance, no recharging, don't break it, and your BrainLifters last FOREVER.

        Guaranteed to reverse EMF (electrical) pollution, and instantly proven.

        Contents last forever, can't be electrically embedded, or irradiated

        All food, beverages, and more, guaranteed to pass BDORT/QRA

        No need to 'believe' in coherent energy: Do a one-second test

        When you get more energy from food, you need less, true?

        Makes every molecule of everything it touches test strong

        BrainLifters emit negative ions/brain-match frequencies

        More cell strength means more uptake of all nutrition

        Organs, glands, tissue, and function, stronger now

        Among the greatest discoveries in human history

        Instantly testable & instantly proven BrainLifters!

        Helps the body to reverse most food allergies

        Eight technologies combined to hypercharge

        Instant boost for all brain and body points

        Your MD Should Be Considering BrainLifters!

        The gift of a lifetime, to last far beyond a lifetime

        Using any good energy test, instant proof of strong test

        No exception: Anything touched by BrainLifters tests strong

  Approx 10x what is needed. If glass breaks, scoop it, put it into glass container!

        The closest thing to a battery for humans, & lasts forever!

Choice of Discounts

All orders are shipped by Priority Mail for fast, secure delivery. Packed to be secure, not pretty :-)

  Highly recommend trying on pain points of any animal:
Animals do not know from placebos .. (or sales pitches).
Look at face & body of animal when using: ONE minute.

Never mind having to wait for months to notice changes:
Use BrainLifters, to see what happens in your first week.
We highly recommend before & after memory or IQ tests.
Experience the benefits to critical and analytical functions.
Absolute 34-day money-back guarantee of results!

  Out of control child? Try BrainLifters on top of head for 30 to 60 seconds.
Can be repeated literally without limit, every "side effect" is positive, beneficial

  EVERYONE is scared of something. Hold Brainlifters on top of head (GV20 point) for 60 seconds.
Think of whatever it is that usually scares you the most, and see how you respond to this self-therapy.
By doing this 3x or more per day, see how usefully you can affect your mind over the coming weeks.

There is much, MUCH more that Brainlifters can do for us:
Test and experience it for yourself with a friend. Does anything speak louder than your own proof?

  EVERY human can use memory boosting. Money-back guarantee that BrainLifters can help.


Have MD Monitor Med-Lowering, Because BrainLifters Influence Uptake!
Every food/beverage testing weak tests strong w 1 to 2 seconds of contact - Guaranteed
Imagine earth-based minerals that help your MD to titrate down (lower) your meds!

No need to imagine it, because BrainLifters can help your doctor to achieve exactly that.

If you are diabetic, and follow a few TINY, HUGE rules, you win.
Stop eating high-glycemic foods. It's just that life-saving.
Add chromium, vanadium, cinammon to your daily diet.
Within weeks, these steps alone can help you hugely!
Using BrainLifters can support these other steps.
Combined, we continue to see many successes.
Would you NOT love to eliminate insulin shots?
See how your MD chooses, based on his/her tests.
Belief has no place in health or medicine, only testing.
Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology is potent.
The more we learn, the wiser our decisions most often tend to be.
Countless numbers of diabetics have removed diabetes from their bodies.

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World's First
Supercharged Lasers
  Torroids for every electrical device

  What speaks louder than happy customers?
Never once has a customer been asked for feedback! 

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These items, including Torroids, Cancel EMF Pollution In Cell Phones - Fuseboxes, and much more.
All Devices Test Stronger - Unconditionally Guaranteed... other than the condition that YOU do the testing.

Best ebayfeedback. Millions and millions of ebayers. Have you EVER seen an ebay merchant get this kind of feedback?

World's first & only supercharged cold laser - FoodBoosters - QVials - EnergyVials - BrainLifters - Torroids

EnergyWires are automatically included with every purchase, compliments of the amazing MisterShortcut

Visit Supercharging.US - Learn more, and we're confident you're likely to live more

Item EnergyVials - World's 1st Supercharged Rare Earth Minerals and world's only supercharged cold lasers,
ALL EXTANT TO HELP PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES, as naturally, and as inexpensively as possible.
How many items have YOU bought in your life that are designed to last far beyond YOUR life?
Supercharging is unique, and empowering, supercharging makes the difference.

Never again take someone's word for what is good for your body or not:
Do the one-second energy test, and learn more so you can live more.

Welcome to the best feedback on ebay, compliments of the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts,
and the wonderful people who have SO generously given this feedback - WITHOUT EVER BEING ASKED.
Good, supercharged energy to THEM

When full energy is released from food when pollution is reversed, we tend to need less food.
Energy blocked from coming out of food because of electrical pollution is easy to test & prove.
When you uptake your nutrition more efficiently, your body proves to need less of the medication.
Ask your doctor to measure these differences, because they tend to take place rapidly and effectively
These are not medical claims, BrainLifters do not heal or cure: WHATEVER THEY TOUCH tests strong.

Whether you are getting the most from your meds, or food, or supplements, changes are notable.
Even more exciting, effects of BrainLifters are cumulative, some energy is used, some is stored.
From the brain trust that invented the world's first supercharged cold laser, Torroids, & more


Practice QRA or BDORT, Dr. Omura's patented, one-second bidigital test – even kids learn it in a minute
BDORT Is An Acronym for 'Bidigital O–Ring Test' – How much does it take to pull open your o-ring ј”?
Once you do the one-second test, you can test everything, including food and drink and much more.
With a refractometer, a Brix Meter, ANYTHING testing weak, tests stronger with BrainLifters

BrainLifters Are Multi-Tasking

        Comparable to acupuncture, without any needles, for ALL meridians

        BrainLifters do not alleviate pain: It promotes your body doing so

        BrainLifters have many functions that you need to learn on your own

        Take any mental tests 1 week before and after use of BrainLifters

        Only BrainLifters have a 34-day NO-QUESTION refund vial stays sealed

You are invited to visit, and, to be astonished.
We are confident that no company in the history of the world has this kind of feedback.
By delivering more than promised, we enjoy customers coming back again and again and again,

While BrainLifters are sturdy, they DO break. As we give more than needed, scoop remains into a new glass.
Everything great has a catch. With BrainLifters, they only fully work when in glass containers, however tiny.
You can even take the original BrainLifters we send, and divide it into SEVEN bottles w/ the same features.

If you manage to break the bottle, you can repackage it, but it will no longer be subject to refund… Fair?

There is no need for you to ever break the seal, not intentionally.  That's our one and only fair concern.

With seven billion humans needing BrainLifters, we want customers who're thrilled with BrainLifters.

Use BrainLifters once or one hundred times, each day, for 10 to 21 days, then decide for yourself.

If you do not find BrainLifters to be among the best devices of your life, please return it, sealed.

Learn more, so you might live more; Live more, so that you are better-equipped to give more

Thus, you are presented with BrainLifters, among the most powerful inventions of all time

Where Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity encounter each other,

there is wisdom and benefit to be gained for all of us, not least... from BrainLifters.

From the precious brain trust that created the first supercharged cold lasers,
FoodBoosters, Megaphotons, and more exciting new inventions on the way

This is all-new technology, the only proven and guaranteed EMF reversal devices sold
We are the original inventors of hypercharging technology

To see what our customers and clients say about us,
(possibly the most astonishing seller's feedback(s) in ebay history!),
Ebay Seller Feedback

Actually, Size Does NOT Matter - Larger Vials Simply Cover More Area - BrainLifters Are About Frequencies, Not Volume

All supercharged mineral products work, from tiniest to largest. We give more than is needed. If you break it, put minerals in glass vial

Moms will surely love the BabyVials, to use many times per day, conveniently, and cleanly, allowing for the natural yuck of our infants..

Whether you notice any difference or not in how you feel, NOTHING entitles you to an opinion until you have used it one hundred times.

the more sensitive you are to the energy around you, the deeper and more profound will be the benefits. No one but you can know this.
You are urged to do some kind of memory test or brain test before and after using BrainLifters several times per day for a week or two.

For babies and adolescents, touch BrainLifters to their GV20 or brain points,
and ALWAYS touch BrainLifters to any food or drink they are about to ingest.

Changes in how you think and solve problems is quickly noticeable,
even by people NOT particularly sensitive to subtle energy changes.

a - One minute to learn how, free for your life

What is measurable and provable is that you can test the strength of brain or body meridian points, 365 exquisitely precise points.

It takes two people to test, and the test works every single time, as long as the person who conducts the test has strong brain point.

It takes UNDER one second of these supercharged minerals held at the meridian point called GV20, among your most critical points,

to make every single meridian point in the body test stronger for minutes to hours. “Temporary” is a unique downside to BrainLifters.
GV20 is at the highest point on your head, lined up with ears, it's easy to access many times per day, so, no excuses for not BrainLifting.

If BrainLifters effect lasted one week, that would be wonderful. We find that BrainLifters work magnificently, but only for a brief time.

That is why it is recommended that you hold BrainLifters to any body part causing you discomfort, see if it helps to clear that point.
When you hold supercharged BrainLifters to your GV20 point, every one of your 365 meridians test stronger... naturally, safely.
there is no limit to how many times per day you use BrainLifters on yourself, food, drinks, clothes, pillows, eyeglasses, etc.
there is no substance or device on earth that can be fairly compared to the power of BrainLifters supercharged minerals

However much of a challenge it may be for you to believe,
everything is testable before use, with a one-second energy test.

However tough it may be to believe, with all that you do actually know and feel sure that you have learned or figured,
every food, building, person, auto, garment, utensil, wall, and more, tests either weak, or it tests strong, provably.
You can even find rich homes and slums on google to test the energy of anyone's home, anywhere on earth.
We even have tools to remediate poor vastu, yet, we recommend not buying or renting what tests weak

More on the science of energetic blocking thanks to every injury or trauma

Every injury leaves behind metabolites thanks to the leukocytes sent to support the area of injury or trauma.

This is among the top ten facts of your lifetime, and well worth repeating: Among the top ten of your life.
  EVERYTHING is testable with the one-second energy test.   If it makes you weaker, would you eat it?
Having such power to test energy is better than thousands of experts spouting the unprovable.
Each injury, tiny or huge, receives attention from white blood cells, always leaving leftovers.
Leftovers block energy from properly running through that area, and gets worse with time.
In the human body, leftovers of healing are called " metabolites."

Metabolites are toxic, causing blocked energy to reflex to the weakest organ or gland.
they will never stop attacking that weak organ or gland, because they're opportunistic.

Every living process, including healing, including trauma, leaves metabolites behind

they inexorably affect electrical communication to all connected organs, glands, & functions.

When you remove the toxins that collect at injury or trauma sites, nutrition is more efficient.
We know of no safe medical procedure whatsoever for chelating the toxins out of a body.
For many centuries, humanity has successfully used mudpacking to chelate toxins out.
Mudpacks still work excellently, BrainLifters are akin to a "temporary mudpack."

Even committed users of BrainLifters should do mudpacking at home.
Mudpacks are simple, affordable, and can fix hundreds of issues underlying medical symptoms.
Only coffee enemas can rank this high for instantly effective, long-term-beneficial health actions.

Some of the greatest art requires no help or hand from Man

Many thanks to for some of the greatest photos available!

Back To Metabolites, Blocking YOUR Healthiest Energy Flow

Every form of physical or emotional trauma creates a lasting interference point.
the seemingly minor event of an airbag deployment is a definite trauma to the body.
Every bit of the metabolites left behind create energetic blockages, getting worse in time.
Until you clear those leftovers of the healing process, bet on the toxic effect of those leftovers.
there is more wiring in your body than you can hope to imagine, it's there for good cause & purpose.
In past centuries, humans used mudpacks to remove the toxic blockages. Along came modern medicine.
Since mudpacks are inexpensive, and do a better job, M.D.'s made as if bioelectric energy is bogus.

Anyone who laughs at the fact of a human body having many hundreds of thousands of feet or wiring, should shush up.

Your brain alone needs more than 600,000 feet of wiring, and you clog it with every toxic intake, even toxic thoughts.

All of your metabolites, without known exception, create interference in your biofield, your personal electrical grid.

No two people can enjoy identical biofields, since no two people can experience everything identically, correct?
BrainLifters rapidly and demonstrably clear both physical and emotional blockages, but only do it temporarily.

Intravenous chelation is counted among the shakiest of methods to remove toxic metabolites, it's invasive.

Any penetration of your body, & surely by a needle, is going to create an interference for meridian points.

One of several proven ways to remove toxic metabolites from a specific body area is use of mud packs.
the TENS of THOUSANDS of patients who've consulted QRA practitioners can tell of mudpacks' power.
Frequently, issues not responding to medical approaches for even decades... gone in days or weeks.

No other method of chelating toxins from the body has reliably proven to remove such toxins more consistently.
Intravenous chelation is a definite invasion into the flesh, causing interference points that block good energy flow.

the ancients used mudpacks. the water they used was of identifiably smaller molecules that what we currently have.

Where a few are marketing water that's broken into tinier molecules, great effect, but not so affordable to general public.

Many companies sell terrific detox clays, although all expensive brands are suspected of being deficient in ethics or service.

        The closest thing to a battery for humans, & lasts forever!

Choice of Discounts

All orders are shipped by Priority Mail for fast, secure delivery, usually within 8 to 24 hours

Good clay does not cost much. Using BrainLifters, costing less with each use, you can naturally lift value delivered by mudpacks.
You are urged to learn about mudpacks, and the simple practice of mudpacking all of your old injury sites. Learn more, to live more.
Use of BrainLifters before & after mudpacking may STOP so-called herxheimer reaction (similar to cold or flu symptoms when healing)

What ELSE Do BrainLifters Achieve?

BrainLifters have a range of wonderful uses. Thanks to corruption, you have to find most out for yourselves and with each other.
Even allowing for the need to protect consumers against scams, it is literally illegal to tell the truth, if it competes with medicine.

For example, if you tell someone that high-dose Vitamin C prevents colds, you have in fact practiced medicine without a license.
If you think this is not serious, many people are prosecuted for telling absolute truths... truths which compete for drug dollars.

Becoming your own doctor is among your wisest decisions. Yes, emergencies call for M.D.'s and their ilk. Emergencies only!
MD's have zero training in nutrition or healing, only in matching symptoms with drugs or surgery, NOT the healthiest options.

More than two centuries of being the greatest, and now it is illegal to tell the truth about natural realities of life and earth.
We've also created, for owners of supercharged minerals, private pages across our 2,389 websites, pages that share.

They exist for YOU, allowing you to freely share in some astonishing, excellent, unadvertised uses of BrainLifters.
While it's wonderful that people can share this way, your personal experimentation can be distinctly helpful to you.

Let us be very clear: No medical claims, only the claim that anything weak is guaranteed to test stronger.
As a general rule, the weaker the item is before you supercharge it, the further it goes towards strength.

This includes ALL of 365 universally-recognized meridian points in the body

If you have an animal in pain, touch your BrainLifters to their pain point, then watch their face.
Never mind 10 or 20 minutes, watch their face for changes in the first thirty to sixty seconds.

No help noted for stomachaches. For most bumps & pains, just look at the animal's face.

As horse expert Terry said, "Horses do not know from placebos or sales pitches."
She was referring to the effects of our supercharged minerals on her horses,
where you can see the difference in the animal's eyes, and in seconds.

More uses are being discovered & developed for supercharged minerals. Come up with your own!

Use them everywhere, and learn it for yourself. Make a habit of BDORT-testing before and after.

Remember, BDORT only takes a single second, and gives you perfectly accurate information!!!

You do not have to call it BDORT unless you are selling medical services, which you pay for.

Call it whatever you want, just call it the most useful test of all the tests you will ever learn.

How much strength does it take to pull your O-ring apart…. both before, and also after?

there is one rule: the person who is testing must test strong at the GV20 meridian.

Even ONE second of BrainLifters at G20 temporarily makes brain points test strong.
This removes issues that may cause the tester to unintentionally influence the test.

Refer to this page over and over, and learn from all 2,389 MisterShortcut websites.
You can't learn less about anything: the more you know, the better your decisions

Another magnificent experiment: Use BrainLifters, simply thinking about what you fear while it is touching GV20.   See your results!
Kid is having a temper tantrum? Put the BrainLifters at child's GV20, and whisper something nice. See if it helps in just seconds.
Hundreds and hundreds of people happily volunteered for testing, and the results continue to repeat themselves over & over.
As stated, the effects of BrainLifters are most definitely cumulative. the more we use them, the more benefits delivered.
Just a second makes every point in the body test strong.     20 to 30 seconds is a full therapy session.   Experience it!

No maintenance or service is needed, no recharging, or upgrading,
no renewals: BrainLifters are the gift of a lifetime to last a lifetime.

You can even teach each other how to use BrainLifters to help you determine truth from lies.
When you tell a lie about ANYTHING important to you, that you have a stake in, you'll test weak.
When you tell the truth about something important to you, you will then reliably test stronger.

Believing people is just not necessary, not with the most accurate test of your life.

the Psychology of Longevity urges you to always learn more so that you can live more.

the more you know,the more informed your decisions are, and formed opinons are good.

Opinions that are offered without form are what didactics call “blatherskite” or “verbal spittle.”

the more you learn, the more you form your opinions, making those opinions more informed, right?

the more you learn, the better your decisions tend to be. Absorbing new facts every day is half the ticket.

Tie Life Together With BrainLifters

Because we believe that all humans need these minerals for life,

does it not make sense to appeal to every variety of use?

We receive such a rich variety of feedback from veterinarians, M.D.'s, and many "real" people, also,
sharing experience when using the one-second energy test, and a range of our innovative devices.
As pleasing as it is to hear that supercharged devices are wonderful, it is the testing that counts,
because YOU PERSONALLY experiencing big differences in before-and-after is what convinces.
As always, teaching and talking of swimming gives the student no clue of how it feels to swim.
Learning the test can well-qualify as the single biggest leap in your knowledge in decades.

Yes, only seconds to learn how to pry someone's tightly-held O-ring. That's most of it.
If boosting energy is important to you, if raising energy in food you already eat is vital,
if giving your brain a rich range of frequencies proven to be consonant with your brain,
if energizing everything you touch to the BrainLifters has a value to you, buy them now.
You can buy by the bunch for your whole family, or you can buy just one to start off with.
the only request we ask before purchase: Please do not buy BrainLifters until you do a test.
Go to or or dozens of QRA websites, and teach yourself the one-second test.
You can't learn less about anything, so, engage YOUR internal Psychology of Longevity, learning.
Once you know how to, for example, test your brain points, use of BrainLifters means more to you,
because you will prove and demonstrate, rather than accepting words of other people with motives.

Raising your energy level with food gets easier with BrainLifters.
Touch the BrainLifters, just like FoodBoosters, to any food or drink.
Even a weak-testing styrofoam cup of coffee will test stronger.

More inspiring websites from the Godfather of Shortcuts and EyeCandy,
empowering YOU to empower yourself... with the greatest shortcuts
Do not be surprised to learn that Megaphotons images, utterly and forever free,
deliver a good number of the same frequencies as Brainlifters.

If you do not wish to buy a Brainlifters or Torroids, or Foodboosters, etc.,
don't believe a word: Use QRA one-second test to obtain your own evidence

"Learning more leads to living more"

If you know better than MisterShortcut, show it better than MisterShortcut.
Look at all the people You consider to be role models. Study & imitate them!
There is no known faster shortcut. Imitate efforts in pursuit of imitating results.

Of all you know, of all you think you know, good luck finding a more revealing test than QRA.
Sensitive to a food? NO WAY can you hold your thumb & finger as tightly when that food is near you or against you.
Expose it to Megaphotons image, or touch it briefly w Foodboosters or QVial, supercharged laser or even Torroids(!) ..
then test it again.        Nothing supersedes the power of proof ... especially Your proof.

LEARN... PRACTICE the one-second QRA test. A minute to learn, a lifetime to enjoy and learn from.

These Shapetalks are brought to you by the Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk Collection, with Art For Wisdom
If this child is as delightful and soulful as he appears, what parent would not want to raise such a rare child?
If he closes his eyes, or, more importantly, you closed yours, can NOT knowing his race open YOUR heart?
Too many thousands of young children die every day from starvation, the most preventable of diseases.
BarkingMad - saving lives with free clickthroughs

Even if for selfish reasons, help the helpless.
With free clickthroughs, this is strictly win-win.
Familiar with Newton's 3rd law? Learn and use it.

So MANY inventions from the Godfather of Shortcuts and EyeCandy:

SuperchargedLasers, FoodBoosters, BrainLifters, MiniVials, Jumboze,
along with Shapetalk and Shapelinks, and Universal Shortcuts,
and more, all created to help you to help yourself, easily.

the better off YOU are, and become as time goes by,
the more likelier you are to help out the helpless,
because where there is greed, find suffering.

We prompt better circles of energy, to you,
promoting the Psychology of Longevity,
then YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts.

This is how we create our win-win.
BrainLifters: the game-changers

the more we give, somehow,
the more we get, somehow

Boosting energy with natural-sourced supplies is, from the Psychology of Longevity coign of vantage, safer.
Safety is not a consideration common to most hospital and other allopathic settings. Numbers do NOT tell lies.
Considering thousands of people who die every year just from misdiagnosis, it pays to be your own best doctor.
Not only safely, the supercharged rare earth minerals are also free of need for maintenance or recharging, forever!
By getting more energy from your food, it is simply logical that the need for food declines notably, & repeatedly.
there is a catch to this, in that it appears to work only when we supercharge ALL we are eating and drinking.
Since you don't work in a field 12 hours per day, there's no chance you actually NEED most of what you eat.

the majority of what you swallow each day is not food.
It's not food, and it's not even closely related to food.
That's why you keep getting hungry unnecessarily.
If you were eating food, you'd eat 80% less, hm?

Food is what grows from the earth.
You can make all of the excuses we've heard before:
This changes nothing. Food is food... or just play-food.
Eating imitation food assures long-term imitation health!!
When you eat food, you self-heal, and thrive.
When you eat tasty NON-foods, there is no way to thrive long.
Millions swear they feel great, even right to the day that they die.
Stop spouting opinions not supported by knowledge & experience.
When you have done something better than most, many times, it's great,
because now we have a basis, a reason, a foundation to imitate your actions.
Until then, your opinions are mostly the opinions of people that you have trusted.
Just like yours, their opinions have little or no merit before world-class demonstration.

Imitate only the people who SHOW it and DO IT the best, not merely those who talk it up the best.

Sunday morning television everywhere is filled with people who can speak with such authority.
the challenge is that their authority is purely bogus, granted to them by folks who know less.
Like an MD with 'bedside manners,' convincing us they truly care, few tv folks are experts.
YOUR wisdom is developed by ignoring those who talk the walk without walking that talk.
YOUR wisdom comes from imitating people who routinely, repeatedly outperform us all.
MisterShortcut broke and shattered countless world records imitating the pioneers.
Those who come first have few if any great shortcuts, creating them on the way.
Imitate the few who live stronger for longer by eating real and genuine food.
If it does not get better with olive oil or salt, you might not want to eat it.
If that's above your pay grade of understanding, stick to the basics:
Air, water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oil, fiber, probiotics,
the six most vital nutrients that humans need to thrive.
Minerals are at the base of all life, and most death.
Air-dried sea salt has critical trace elements.
Fiber =greens and other electric food.
If it grows low, it's low-electric,
if it grows high, magnetic.

Eat more food with seeds, they are YOUR seeds of life.
Start the day with lemon juice in warm water, for WOW.
Start the day with raw almonds, boosting HCL, and more.
Jump-start your day with good apple cider vinegar and lemon.

So many choices, each one healthier than the next, and better than fast food.
How you spend your minutes is how you are spending your life. This includes eating.
If you are living to eat instead of eating to live, your priorities are woefully defective/deficient.
If you think more about the food in your life rather than the life in your food, you are self-doomed.
ONE TO THREE WEEKS is all it takes to power up with energy and cleansing, toning and more, easily.
Put away the cooked food for a few weeks, pull out the juicer or blender: Drink liquid vegetables.
This one tiny secret works wonders on underlying issues that cause so many symptoms. Try it.
Heaven forfend there is disease present, coffee enemas can easily save your life, naturally.
In fact, the Psychology of Longevity ventures to advise a combination of these two.
34 to 55 days of liquid vegetables (low-glycemic veggies), along with enemas,
have proven to erase all or nearly all traces of one hundred-plus issues.

No procedure known to man does more for hair and skin than enemas!
No procedure known to man can claim to be older than coffee enemas

ALWAYS use your BrainLifters before eating, or anything else ...
any activity that you want your body or brain to execute better.

the inventor uses BrainLifters each waking hour per day,
now calculating Fibonacci into the trillions, literally.
First to recite hundreds of digits of Pi per minute,
even stopping, restarting, into the thousands,
world records shattered, again and again.

Brain frequencies embedded in BrainLifters.
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then see what happens in that minute

BrainLifters are the gift of a lifetime, to last a lifetime.

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Please stop pretending to know more than those who do more. Imitate them first, THEN innovate.
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